Sea Cliffs – Ceide Fields

The Céide Cliffs, near Ballycastle County Mayo, stand almost 400 feet above the ocean. The cliffs are composed of layers of sandstone, limestone and shale which was formed about 350 million years ago.

Céide Fields atop the sea cliffs are a remarkable neolithic site containing megalithic tombs and the oldest known stone-walled fields in the world dating back 6000 years. These together make up the most extensive Stone Age monument in the world.

Packed full of history the Céide Fields are an important piece of Irish heritage and culture and an area which is well worth visiting while staying in the west of Ireland. In addition to the remarkable history of the Céide Fields, the view from the boat of the sea cliffs and the distinctive Irish coastline is an unparalleled experience. The stunning scenery from sea level and its unique history make for a special way to visit this landmark, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Duration: 2 hours

Passengers: Maximum 8