Dun Briste Sea Stack

Living 50 metres off the north Mayo coast at Downpatrick Head sits the 45 metres high flat-topped sea stack Dún Briste (The Broken Fort).

This is a relatively new and unique sea stack as it was only separated from mainland Ireland in 1393 when monster seas severed it from County Mayo in an overnight storm. The summit of the stack is approximately 50 metres long and 15 metres across the centre. This flat-topped stack contains the remains of the buildings where people were living on the night of the great storm.

As one of the most unique and striking destinations along the Wild Atlantic Way, the sea stack at Dun Briste is a must see location on the west coast of Ireland. Visiting the famous sea stack by boat is highly recommended because not only will you witness the sheer size of the stack from sea level, a comprehensive history of its formation will be provided making for a special experience.

Duration: 2 hours

Passengers: Maximum 8